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Interview: Beyond Eyes

After EGX last year, Ben called Beyond Eyes a ‘diamond in the rough’. We caught up with creator Sherida Halatoe from Tiger & Squid at Rezzed 2015 to find out how it’s coming along.

Title overview

Name: Beyond Eyes
Developer: Tiger & Squid
Publisher: Team 17 Digital
Release date: To be announced
PEGI rating: Not listed
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
More information: Official website

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Ben says…

There’s always a fear when, having been blown away by a game the first time, it can be built up in one’s mind to a level far exceeding where it actually is. It’s human nature to remember things fondly – especially when a previous experience was so positive. That was the case with Beyond Eyes, a game of the show at EGX last September and part of Team 17’s impressive indie line up. I had stumbled on the title then, grabbed by the distinct artistic style and focus on Rae’s (a young blind girl) journey to find her cat.

Even more impressive was that, at the time, it was all the work of Sherida Halatoe – a lady with the drive and determination to bring her idea to life. I found her welcoming and engaging to talk to, with Beyond Eyes being as much a personal journey for her as it is for Rae; and I’m pleased to say the game met and exceeded my expectations.

The addition of Team 17 to the mix has allowed Sherida more freedom to develop the title to her vision. We caught up with her at Rezzed and could see that tweaks have been made since EGX to the level design, Rae’s interactions with the player and how the world comes together; it’s also allowed for further exploration of how sound can be perceived and its influence on the world around us. A fountain, for example, can sound the same as a sewage drain. Is that laundry in the breeze or a scarecrow in a field?

A chicken, however, is pretty unmistakable.

Back in September I called it a diamond in the rough, a concept bursting with potential that I hoped would be a sleeper hit of 2015. Those rough edges have seen significant smoothing and while there is still time to go my opinion hasn’t changed.

Beyond Eyes is a world I want to put my headphones on and get lost in. We hope you will too when it comes out later this year on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and in the meantime head over to the official website.

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