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Interview: Dex

We weren’t too sure about Dex when being handed a promotional flyer before entering Rezzed 2015. But after getting our hands on the game, we had to apologise for that to the team from Dreadlocks Ltd.

Title overview

Name: Dex
Developer: Dreadlocks Ltd
Publisher: Dreadlocks Ltd
Release date: August 2014
PEGI rating: Not listed
Platforms: Linux, Mac, PC, OUYA, Wii U
More information: Official website

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Ben says…

When I was first presented with details on Dex it seemed to be a checklist of gaming buzzwords: 2D, side-scrolling, cyberpunk, distopian future, action-RPG… all that was missing was ‘procedurally-generated’ for the full-house. So yes, I was dismissive at first – I’m not going to lie about it. Then I saw the title in action and realised I’d immediately done the guys from Dreadlocks Ltd a huge disservice. I apologised to them there and then because Dex is shaping up really well; so well in fact, that we persuaded Game Designer and Writer Axel Droxler to grant us an interview at Rezzed.

The game is fully hand-drawn and it’s up to you, the protagonist, to investigate the world of Harbor Prime and the sentient artificial intelligence (AI) searching for what it calls ‘The Singularity’. As with all RPGs there is plenty of dialogue and the part we played through was well written. The combat system is still developing but we faced multiple enemy types and had to use different tactics against each one. Right now it’s a robust package that the team will improve on before full release.

Perhaps most interestingly is their intention to release on Wii U to take advantage of the opportunities a dual-screen system provides. The game will really suit the ability to have the inventory and certain puzzles on the controller with the main action on the screen.

Dex is available now on Steam Early Access, with a full release due later this year.

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