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Interview: TerraTech

We caught up with lead programmer Chris Emmett and designer Kris Skellorn of Payload Studios at Rezzed 2015, to learn more about their new strategic battle vehicle-construction game TerraTech.

Title overview

Name: TerraTech
Developer: Payload Studios
Publisher: Payload Studios
Release date: February 2015
PEGI rating: Not listed
Platforms: Mac, PC
More information: Official website

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Phil says…

TerraTech gives players the freedom to construct and command a fleet of vehicles in any way, shape or form they desire, before heading out into the lawless frontiers of a procedurally-generated alien world to fight for profit and glory. The game is currently available in its alpha state via Steam Early Access where the Payload Studios team are looking to get the community involved as much as possible to help evolve the game.

While we’ve seen a number of titles that allow the construction of battle vehicles, we liked that TerraTech combines this gameplay with resource collection which adds both depth and a strong feeling of progression. The wealth of construction options allows players to create any kind of vehicle including heavy battle tanks, fast scouting vehicles or even flying bombers.

We spoke to Chris Emmett (‘Chris 1’) and Kris Skellorn (‘Kris A’) at Rezzed 2015 about the positive experience the team has had thanks to their transparent development process and community feedback. They stream development work live over on their Twitch channel every weekday to keep the community involved and generate discussion about the game. Hear more about their open development process in our interview below.

A big thank you to Chris and Kris, and the rest of the team at Payload Studios, for taking the time to discuss TerraTech with us. The game is currently available via Steam Early Access for £19.99.

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