Nintendo Go!

As Nintendo formally enter the world of smartphone gaming with Super Mario Run, Ben muses on some other possible games they could consider releasing.

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The Legend of Zelda


I’m thinking Puzzle Quest meets Link to the Past here. Not the current, messy versions of Puzzle Quest that seem stuffed full of in-app purchases but a Challenge of the Warlords-esque adventure. One where Link could travel from location to location, battling classic monsters and bosses and using classic Zelda weapons to affect the board. The Hookshot could pull gems of a certain colour from the play area, or the bomb detonate and collect a large amount of gems in a single hit. A simple game to understand but tough to master and unlock all the secrets. Just like in the console versions.

Super Mario Maker


Since 2007 Apple has sold a billion iPhones. A billion. Even allowing 80% for retained customers who recycle their phone into new models that still leaves about 200m iPhones out in the wild. Now imagine if millions and millions of those users were making levels for Super Mario Run, then imagine if they were sharing them… The prospects are mindblowing.

Animal Crossing


Animal Crossing would work just fine as it is. Maybe refine the controls a little and perhaps a fishing or bug catching mini-game but apart from that I’d say it wouldn’t need many changes. Again, the benefits of millions of connected users sharing clothing designs and home interiors could be a perfect match.

Donkey Konga


Do you remember the GameCube game Donkey Konga? It was Nintendo’s foray into the rhythm genre and every copy came with a pair of bongo drums in the famous shape of the Donkey Kong barrels. Up to four people could play and as you might expect, players just had to pat the larger or smaller drum in time to classic Nintendo themes. It’s the sort of game that would be easy to translate onto a smart phone. Tap along with one, two, three or four fingers to a selection of downloadable tunes.

And Others…


An AR Luigi’s Mansion or Metroid-meets-Fruit-Ninja? What games would you like to see?

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