Look-Up: gamers’ calendar

Every gamer knows a piece of video game trivia they love. Whether it’s that Mario was originally a carpenter rather than a plumber or that Lara Croft started life as a South American woman named Laura Cruz, there’s a fact out there about something we’ve played which inspires us to find out more about our hobby.

In honour of this, we’ve created the calendar below listing important dates that appear in some of our favourite releases: character birthdays, significant events and other points of interest. If there’s something we’ve missed and is worthy of being included in our collection, please get in touch with us at contributions@1001Up.com.

1001Up. 1001 video games and beyond.

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  • 02 Feb 2014:   Hannah and Beth disappear, Until Dawn
  • 02 Feb 1977:   Checkov and Wilson are burnt, Monstrum
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  • 12 Mar 1938:   Renée incarcerated in Volterra, The Town of Light
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  • 19 Apr 1874:   Booker DeWitt’s birthday, BioShock Infinite
  • 22 Apr 1982:   Anna Castellanos’s birthday, Resonance
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  • 17 May 1972:   The start of the end, The Silent Age
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  • 06 Jun 1984:   The world ends, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
  • 07 Jun 1955:   Osmond Burke flees, Blues and Bullets
  • 07 Jun 1995:   Kaitlin Greenbriar returned home, Gone Home
  • 18 Jun 1993:   Voodoo Murders reported, Gabriel Knight
  • 18 Jun 1994:   Simon’s disappearance reported, Her Story
  • 22 Jun 1974:   Jill Valentine’s birthday, Resident Evil
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  • 21 Jul 1964:   Ryu’s birthday, Street Fighter
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  • 08 Aug 2209:   The Collapse occurs, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
  • 15 Aug 2013:   Dr Hudson in car crash, Mirrored
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  • 30 Sep 1995:   Ixupi released, Shivers
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  • 30 Oct 2014:   Tag Kern’s death, Knee Deep
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  • 05 Nov 1946:   Rapture established, BioShock
  • 09 Nov 1992:   The day the bombs hit, Shardlight
  • 23 Nov 1982:   Grestlin Checkpoint opened, Papers, Please
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