Big-Up: a thank you to our supporters

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone out there who has ever heard of, looked at, liked or followed 100Up. You continue to amaze us: our following might not seem like a lot when compared to some of the major gaming websites but the numbers steadily grow. We’re humbled and greatly appreciate the support!

Below are people we’d personally like to thank as a team: a mixture of developers who have provided us with their time and games, journalists and writers who have supported us since we first started, and friends and family who we just wouldn’t be able to do without. If you lot were video games, you’d be classics of your time and receive our highest award.

1001Up. 1001 video games and beyond.

Developers and publishers   |   Gamers, journalists and writers   |
Charities, companies and businesses   |   Other special mentions

Developers and publishers

Ben, Dreadlocks Ltd, video games, Rezzed, interview

  • Ramón from A Crowd of Monsters
  • Eliott and Mat from A Light in Chorus
  • Chris from The Brotherhood
  • The team from Burnt Fuse Studios
  • Dan from Calvino Noir Ltd
  • Stu from Dead Good Media
  • Axel, Michal and Stefan from Dreadlocks Ltd
  • The team from E-Line Media
  • Emily Morganti
  • Luis from Fictiorama Studios
  • Barry from Fireproof Games
  • John and Kyle from Flix Interactive
  • The team from Gambrinous
  • Tracey from Green Man Gaming
  • The team from Green Man Loaded
  • Sam from Her Story
  • Nick from Holyfingers
  • Jack from The Innocent Devils
  • The team from LKA
  • Barrett and Morgan from Lucky Pause
  • Ollie from Modern Dream
  • Chris and Kris from Payload Studios
  • Martjin from Plan of Attack
  • The team from Pocket Games Inc
  • Colin, Wes, Cory and Tracy from Prologue Games
  • Holden from Qora
  • David from Redacted Studios
  • Stefano from Renaissance PR
  • The team from Rocky Bytes
  • Ryan Cooper
  • Alessandro from Swordtales
  • The team from Tangrin Entertainment
  • Sam from Team 17 Digital Ltd
  • Jaime from Team Junkfish
  • The team from Technocrat Games
  • Sherida from Tiger & Squid
  • The team from Unicube
  • The team from Upper One Games
  • The team from Versus Evil
  • The team from Wadjet Eye Games
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    Gamers, journalists and writers

    Tim, Phil, Joel, Rezzed, video games

  • Vincent from Alpha Signal Five
  • Jamie from Caiminds
  • Lazarinth from Fantasy and Anime
  • Terry from Gaming at Heart
  • Murr and Will from Geek Sleep Rinse Repeat
  • Tim from GeekOut South-West
  • Paul from Hearthstone Fireside Gathering
  • James from Initiative Check
  • James from jammy4779
  • Nathan from MrNwall93
  • Joel from Quotes from the Tabletop
  • Kevin from The Mental Attic
  • Pip from TinyPixxels
  • Tyler from The Young Beards
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    Charities, companies and businesses

    SpecialEffect, charity, video games, EGX, volunteering, Dr Mick Donegan

  • The team from Get-Well Gamers UK
  • The guys at Green Man Gaming
  • The guys from NFTS Games
  • The team from SpecialEffect
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    Other special mentions

    1001Up, video games, Kim, Ben, Phil

  • Martin and Nula
  • Moira and Dave
  • Paula, Graham and Heather
  • Pete and Ethan
  • Rachel, Isaac and Polly
  • Wesley and Nikola
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