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Sometimes an article just doesn’t do a title justice and we not only want to write about video games – we want to play and talk about them too. Besides all that, it can be extremely hard to keep Ben away from a camera and microphone when they’re close by so we tend to end up with a lot of footage.

Here you’ll find our gameplay videos, interviews and anything else we can come up with. We’d love to have you on-board when we air our next stream or make our latest recording, so why not drop us a line at contributors@1001Up.com or follow us on Twitter to find out what we’re up to.

1001Up. 1001 video games and beyond.

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  • The Bromance – Thursdays at 20:00 GMT
  • Not content with keeping their Bromance to themselves, Ben and Phil can’t help but share their adventures with the internet every week: a live stream on Twitch where you can watch them die, die and die again whilst tackling video games for your amusement. Join them as they take on the perils of Pandora, the delights of Destiny, the cruelty of Kyrat and the sights of San Andreas.

  • Special K – Fridays at 20:00 GMT
  • Not content with leaving the lads to have all the fun, Kim has her own weekly stream on Friday nights once the working week is done. There may not be as much swearing or singing as there is in The Bromance but what you will find is some amazing indie adventure games featuring intriguing storylines, interesting characters and challenging puzzles.

  • Phil Me In – Saturdays at 20:00 GMT
  • Phil is a man of many puns so expect to hear plenty during his weekend stream, along with a song or two and probably videos involving cats. Why not join him as he navigates his way through some of the latest blockbusters and the weirdest new indie releases we can throw at him – and drinks plenty of beer for Dutch-courage if he’s attempting to play a horror.

  • ETA – Sunday mornings
  • Ethan very sweet eight-year-old, always smiling and making jokes, and he’s got a soft-spot for kittens and other fluffy animals. He’s also got an obsession with explosions, crashes and LEGO video games. Join him on Sunday mornings (when his dad allows him to) as he helps 1001Up by streaming for us – and if you’re wondering where his stream title comes from, take a look here.

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    Gameplay videos

    In this playlist you’ll find gameplay videos made by members of the 1001Up team – we can’t promise we’ll complete a level or figure out a puzzle first time, but we’ll certainly give you a laugh as you giggle at our failed attempts. Reviews of some of these titles can be found in our dedicated section and if you’d like to join us for a game some time, please get in touch with us at contributors@1001Up.com.

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    Review videos

    Fancy watching a rreview rather than reading it? Then why not take a look at this playlist of video reviews made by the 1001Up team. Details on all of the games we’ve critiqued can be found in our dedicated section and if you have any suggestions for titles we should try out, please get in touch with us at hello@1001Up.com.

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    Interview videos

    In this playlist you’ll find videos of interviews with developers on their upcoming games, and further articles can be found in our dedicated section. If you’re working on an exciting new project you’d think we’d like to hear about or would like to arrange an interview, please get in touch with us at press@1001Up.com.

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    Everything else

    If we can’t find a space for it, it’ll probably end up here! Whether it’s Ben giving his opinion to camera, Kim coming up with something creative or Phil attempting to take over the world, this playlist is where you’ll find something to make you smile.

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